Section iii

Of the Association of Ideas

28thSeptember 2020

What are the different kinds of notions we can have in our minds?

To me, there appear to be only three principles of connexion among ideas, namely,Resemblance,Continguityin time or place, andCauseorEffect.

Hume,Enquiry, III, §2

If we look closely, even though imagination may seem unbounded, it is limited to knowledge which come from experience.

We will never be sure that relations of ideas are actually limited to these three classes, but all we can do

is to run over several instances, and examine carefully the principle […]. The more instances we examine, and the more care we employ, the more assurance shall we acquire, that the enumeration, which we form from the whole, is compleat and entire.

(close toRussel’s interpretation)

Hume,Enquiry, III, §3

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