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Of the Different Species of Philosophy

28th September 2020

Philosophy should be a science, the science which explains human behavior: the ways in which we feel, we act, we learn. Thus, Philosophy is useful to all sciences, since they are all studied by men. A Newtonian definition of science: knowledge has to come from experience; since Philosophy is the science of human nature, it is studied by observing and analyzing human behavior. Philosophy is a descriptions how human beings are.

we may observe, in every art or profession, even those which most concern life or action, that a spirit of accuracy, however acquired, carries all of them nearer their perfection […]. And though a philosopher may live remote from business, the genius of philosophy, if carefully cultivated by several, must gradually diffuse itself throughout the whole society, and bestow a similar correctness on every art and calling.

Hume, An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, Sect. I, §9

The main epistemological assumption is Empiricism, defined by Hume perceptions.

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