Politics and political science

Key points

  1. Politics is strictly entangled with power, which is crucial to influence people and lead them to do something they would not otherwise do by themselves; even if it seems that it does not work like this, it has to be remembered that governance without a power-based system is ineffective in the long term and it is bound to fail or change.
  2. Political science literally differs from Politics: the purpose of the former is to actively changing society and it directly interests the citizenship, while the latter aims at understanding the political phenomena and how they take place.
  3. As it happens with the other sciences, from unsolved questions emerge theories which attempt to rationalize the functioning of society and institutions; across history, several have been the approaches used by Political Sciences to address current issues: Behavioralism was influenced by the mid-XIX century positivist movement, systems theory uses logical and mathematical models to simplify reality and build models upon it, the Rational Choice theory assumes that every individual makes their political choice rationally evaluating the best possible outcome.



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