Intro to politics guest lecture

Lecture by dr. Carlotta Minnella

Definition of shame

A painful feeling of self-reproach that arises when people notice a discrepancy between their thoughts, feelings, or behavior on the one hand, and important norms and expectations on the other hand.

Scoreboard diplomacy

Social sanction: publishing the disrespect of a deal or goal by some entity (nations, governments). Publicizing a transgression with respect to one’s previous commitments.

FATF: promotes standards against money laundry and terrorism. Countries which do not behave well may fall in the FATF blacklist. Scoreboard diplomacy: attempting to keep high standards by poorly classifying and discouraging trades with one country.


UPR review process, a neutral process to review human rights compliance in the UN’s member states


UNSC 1267 Counter-Terrorism Sanctions Regime

What does it mean to be / feel ashamed in international relations?

Why are some countries subject to shame while others are not?



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