European Timeline 1914 2003

European timeline 1914-2003

All the developments across the world are strictly related.

The long XIX century vs the short XIX century. The “end of history”: the final stage of human evolution, an ending point to struggles.

Nevertheless, this is false: major changes continue to happen, and major hopes continue to be deluded.

  • The Russian Revolution
  • The economical crisis of 1929: a period of protectionism started, and market recovered in the 70s, when according to Baldwin Martin the new wave of globalization started
  • WWII: a minority considers Japan’s attack to China in 1927 the actual beginning of the conflict
    • the extermination of minorities
    • decolonialization among the results. +++
  • Neocolonialism: influences from countries officially independent
  • Vietnam War mid 70s
  • Nigerian War mid 60s
  • Oil crisis: the oil price rose several times, up to then, countries who had these resources were poor because companies left almost nothing to local economy +++
  • Collapse of Communism
  • +++



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