Cultural globalization notes

a few premises

About time

  • Since when we may start using the term cultural globalization?
    • according to Wikipedia, different phases: since 1500, up to now.
  • What time should I use to refer to it?

The term

  • an overwhelming set of changes
  • Geographical borders start to matter only relatively
    • and the world becomes based on geopolitical areas of interest and influences
    • groups of people with shared ideas and ideals become more connected and unite

two faces of the same medal

  • on one side, a great development and growth thanks to the ease of knowledge sharing
  • on the other, a homogenization of cultures and tradition, with a latent fear of losing rooted local traditions

actually, three

a third element: even in the first case, by looking at the bright side of the coin, there are parties which take profit and benefit more than others. From this stems a great polarization in overall wealth



  • from North Africa to France: since Napoleon’s campaigns to



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