PISE notes

This is an open set of notes from Philosophy, International Studies and Economics classes at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. More details in the About page.


First year

Second year


The sole purpose of this website is to create an open set of resources for PISE students, allowing us to join forces and study in the most effective way by sharing notes, knowledge, and tips.

Completeness and reliability

This website is mantained and updated by a first year clumsy PISE student: its content may be incomplete or inconsistent and it should not be considered exhaustive; I keep track of what I lost during the lessons in the missing page. Many topics may be missing but you can Contribute by helping to fill the gaps.


Notes may contain several gaps and inconsistent passages; such unclear parts are marked by some symbols:

  • +++: missing parts
  • ???:
    • unclear passages
    • questions
  • grm: doubts about grammar
  • +++S: copy from slides
  • “+++”: exact citation of the professor missing
  • (+++): there’s a missing knowledge to what has just been written